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Rapid Tans

Develops in one - three hours.  Depending on the desired darkness you would like your tan to be will determine how fast you can rinse the rapid solution off. We will discuss what you would like your results to be and when it is best for you to rinse during your appointment.

Beach Time

Long Lasting

 An exotic sunless formula with a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers, with the ability to shower in as little as One Hour. Rapid Tan formula mimics the sought-after skin tones found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera. 

Average Tan Length: 5-7 days, moisturizing and not exfoliating will extend your tan.

Beach Time
Tan Girl

Prep and Care

Exfoliate thoroughly 24 hours before application for best tanning results. No moisturizer, oils, deodorant day of.

Avoid water contact and perspiration (no gym or rain) until development time has passed. After 1-3 hours rinse off in a warm shower.

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